Debtor Review and Control

In the very dynamic business environment, a business which was trading profitably yesterday could quite easily become a problem debtor tomorrow.
Keeping abreast of developments and constant vigilance for warning signs is vital if large losses are to be avoided. Early detection will minimise the impact of any downturn in a customer's business.

We have the skills to help you to minimise your exposure and hence, maximise your returns at all stages in the debtor - creditor relationship.

Pre-Loan Assessments
Even before providing credit or loans to intending borrowers, investigation of ability to service the debt and financial exposure is vital if losses are to be minimised.
Our investigation takes into account:
• the debtor's financial position
• ability to meet obligations
• viability of the business
and will provide you with an overall assessment of the risk

Occasionally, circumstances may require that businesses be subject to monitoring of their activities. This may be as simple as reviewing financial accounts periodically, progressing to intensive monitoring of operations, cash flows, sales and expenditure.

Our significant experience gained through the numerous Voluntary Administrations, Receiverships and "trade-on" administrations provides us with particular strengths in this type of work.

Problem Loan Reviews
Unfortunately, problem debtors are a part of business life. Should you as a creditor experience a problem debt, we are able to conduct speedy and accurate reviews with utmost confidentiality.
Our review will encompass:-
• the extent of the problem
• the debtor's financial position and ability to meet obligations
• viability of the business
• if appropriate, corrective action being (or, that should be) undertaken
The review will also help you to commence immediate action to protect or improve your position and will assist in developing strategies for the benefit of both parties.


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